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Safe Mobility for Life Program

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Safety is Golden
Provide leadership and serve as a catalyst in becoming the national leader in senior mobility.
Improve the safety, access, and mobility of Florida's growing aging population.

During a lifetime, a person will spend thousands of hours driving, walking, biking, or riding. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is making sure each of those trips -- whether in a car, on a bus, bicycle, motorcycle, or by foot -- is as safe as possible, particularly for Florida's growing number of senior residents.

According to 2008 census population estimate data, Florida leads the nation with 17.4 percent of its population age 65 or older. By the year 2030, 26 percent of Florida's population is projected to be 65 and older, with 1 in 4 drivers being 65 and older. To meet the challenge to our increasing 65 and older population, FDOT established our Safe Mobility for Life Program (Topic Number 000-750-001), formerly known as the Elder Road User Program. While this program focuses on the mature driver and pedestrian, it has the added benefit of improving transportation safety for all residents and visitors.

Our Safe Mobility for Life Program focuses on the following key areas:

  • SafeandMobileSeniors.org
    This website has been designed as a "one stop shop" for transportation safety and mobility information and resources concerning Florida's aging drivers and pedestrians.

  • Program History
    Background information on how Florida has been working on older driver issues for over twenty years.

  • Program Partners
    Communicate and collaborate with both state, local, and private agencies that has programs and interest in senior transportation and mobility issues.

  • Roadway Improvements
    Establish and implement countermeasures that can be used to improve the safety of all road users.

  • Local Agency Assistance
    Determine where mature driver and pedestrian programs are offered and where mature driver and pedestrian friendly transportation designs have been implemented on local roads. Provide technical assistance to local governments to help improve their local roads and mobility options.

  • Training
    Offer training and technical assistance to engineers, transportation planners, public works personnel, local elected officials and others to increase safe mobility options at the State and local levels along with training to promote safe driving by mature drivers.

  • Education
    Educate the public on the nature and extent of the mature driver and pedestrian mobility issues and raise awareness of driving, riding, and walking practices that will increase safety for all road users. The Education page will also contain future for news releases, a calendar of upcoming events, research updates, sample materials, and links to other State and Federal agency web sites.

For additional information on this program, contact Gail Holley at gail.holley@dot.state.fl.us