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Traffic Engineering and Operations Office

Safety is Golden
Provide leadership and serve as a catalyst in becoming the national leader in senior mobility.
Improve the safety, access, and mobility of Florida's growing aging population.

The following training opportunities are currently available - some specifically for mature drivers and others for local governments, aging service providers, and transportation planning, engineering, and safety professionals.

An educational program created by the American Society on Aging and developed in collaboration with the American Automobile Association (AAA), AARP, and the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). CarFit ® offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles "fit them" and receive information and materials for community-specific resources and activities that could enhance their safety as drivers, or increase their mobility in the community.

With the use of safety grant funds, CarFit® has been adapted to Florida and training events for event coordinators and technicians plus consumers themselves are being held all across the state. At the end of the 2008 grant cycle,380 seniors participated in a CarFit ® consumer event, 195 event coordinators and technicians were trained and 87 partnerships were developed with local organizations. The events were so successful that more events and trainings will be held in the next grant cycle. If you are interested in learning more about how to bring CarFit® to your community access the following Web sites for more detailed information:

Access to Event Coordinator Training:

Access to Technician Training Events:

Access to CarFit® Florida's consumer safety events:

This Web site for transportation safety resources in Florida contains many different training opportunities for not only seniors, but also caregivers, aging service providers, law enforcement, engineers, planners, Community Traffic Safety Teams, etc.

In the Know and On the Go Logo Access the SafeandMobileSeniors.org Web site and type "Training" into the search engine to view the different training resources.

Planning and Designing for our Aging Population
The FDOT has developed a FREE training course that is being conducted through the University of Florida's T2 Center for transportation planners, engineers, public works personnel, safety professionals, aging service providers, local elected officials, and all others interested in learning how to help prepare our state for the increase to our 65 year old + aging population.

Our course is based on the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Highway Design for Older Drivers and Pedestrians Handbook, which provides guidance on how to design operational and traffic engineering enhancements to accommodate the declining functional capabilities of mature drivers but has been tailored to address Florida's roadways and our specific conditions.

The course discusses the following topics:
  • Understanding Mature Driver Vision
  • Understanding Other Physiological Issues
  • Preparing Interstates and Expressways
  • Preparing Local Roads
  • Pedestrians and Other Road Users
  • The Community Perspective
  • Building Essential Partnerships

We completed teaching 12 training courses and will be conducting 10 more courses in 2010. Dates and locations are posted below:

For additional information on this program, contact Gail Holley at gail.holley@dot.state.fl.us