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Traffic Engineering and Operations Office

Safety is Golden
Provide leadership and serve as a catalyst in becoming the national leader in senior mobility.
Improve the safety, access, and mobility of Florida's growing aging population.

Since Safe Mobility for Life benefits all Florida road users, FDOT will be providing educational information to increase awareness of safe driving, riding, and walking practices to the public. The first task under our education initiative has already been accomplished to develop a new logo and positive branding for the program.

This site contains the following information to educate and assist in promoting the concept that safety is a concern regardless of age.

News, Articles, and Press Releases:

Click to go to www.SafeandMobileSeniors.org Web site
This Web site was designed in collaboration with our program partners to act as an educational resource, not only for seniors, but also families, caregivers, aging service providers, law enforcement, local governments, planners, engineers, Community Traffic Safety Teams and all others interested in promoting safety and mobility for Florida's elder citizens.

Here is a sample of some of the topics covered on the Web site:

Safety and Program Materials:

For additional information on this program, contact Gail Holley at gail.holley@dot.state.fl.us