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GPS at Florida Department of Transportation

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Important FPRN Update Information: Currently we are in the process of upgrading the FPRN to a newer version of Spidernet software. This will be done in stages. We will have a new IP address ( to be used for the connection to the network. Whether you are already registered with FPRN or not you will be required to register/re-register with the new database to be able to use the new system. Please note that the new network ZONE boundaries are coincident with the FDOT District boundaries. To minimize the number of Mount Points in a given Mount/Source Table select the zone that includes your location.

Register with FPRN to use the reference network services.

This GPS network consist of over 50 Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) located throughout Florida. Our Florida network is a cooperative network with the National Geodetic Survey's National CORS network. Each CORS site provides Global Positioning System (GPS) carrier phase and code range measurements in support of 3-dimensional positioning activities throughout Florida and surrounding states.

FPRN Contact:

(850) 510-8596
(850) 728-1240
Florida Permanent Reference Network (FPRN)

Register with FPRN to use the reference network services. For frequently asked questions please visit the FPRN-FAQ site.

GPS in Transportation Surveying

The FDOT uses GPS to aid in daily surveying activities.