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Structures Design

Hussam Fallaha Assistant State Structures Design Engineer 850-921-7111 sam.fallaha@dot.state.fl.us
Sandra Bell Office and Budget Coordinator 850-921-7110 sandra.bell@dot.state.fl.us
William Potter Professional Engineer - Research 850-921-7106 william.potter@dot.state.fl.us
David Wagner Structures Research Analyst 850-921-7105 david.wagner@dot.state.fl.us
Bruno Vasconcelos Structures Research Analyst 850-921-7119 bruno.vasconcelos@dot.state.fl.us
Stephen Eudy Structures Design Technician 850-921-7108 stephen.eudy@dot.state.fl.us
Angel Rodriguez Electrical Engineer 850-921-7103 angel.rodriguez@dot.state.fl.us
Fabrication & Test Setup      
Paul Tighe Structures Design Technician 850-921-7116 paul.tighe@dot.state.fl.us
David Allen Structures Design Technician 850-921-7114 david.allen@dot.state.fl.us
Ben Allen Structures Design Technician 850-921-7115 benjamin.allen@dot.state.fl.us