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Structures Design

Start DateTitle Principal Investigator University / Agency Project Manager Estimated Completion Date Project Scope (Contract No.) Presentation
3/11/2013 Empirical Deck for Phased Construction and Widening El-Safty, Adel University of North Florida Fallaha, Sam 3/31/2016 BDV34 977-01 2013.WMV
2/11/2013 Durability Evaluation of Florida's Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Reinforcement for Concrete Structures Hamilton, Trey University of Florida Wagner, David 2/28/2016 BDV31 977-01
9/26/2012 Lightweight Solid Decks for Movable Bridges Mirmiran, Amir Florida International University Fallaha, Sam 1/31/2015 BDV29 977-11 BDK80 977-38 2013.WMV
9/26/2012 Investigation / Development of an Effective, Economical, and Efficient Prestressed Concrete Pile Splice Mullins, Gray University of South Florida Wagner, David 6/30/2015 BDU79 2013.WMV
6/12/2012 Phase and Widening Construction of Steel Bridges Azizinamini, Atorod Florida International University Goldsberry, Ben 5/26/2014 BDK80 977-28 2013.WMV
6/12/2012 Use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Cable for Post-Tensioning Applications Mirmiran, Amir Florida International University Potter, William 11/1/2014 BDV29 977-10 BDK80 977-35 2013.WMV
6/5/2012 Replaceable Unbonded Tendons for Post-Tensioned Bridges Hamilton, Trey University of Florida Potter, William 6/30/2015 BDV31 977-15 BDK75 977-71 2013.WMV
5/30/2012 Develop Epoxy Grout Pourback Guidance and Test Methods to Eliminate Thermal/Shrinkage Cracking at Post-Tensioning Anchorages Ahmad, Irtishad Florida International University Bergin, Michael 6/14/2015 BDK80 977-33
7/28/2011 Bascule Bridge Lightweight Solid Deck Retrofit Patton, George URS Waits, Tom 12/31/2015 C9289
6/6/2011 Steel Framing Strategies for Highly Skewed Bridges to Reduce/Eliminate Distortion near Skewed Supports Azizinamini, Atorod Florida International University Golabek, Dennis 5/27/2014 BDK80 977-21 2013.WMV
5/2/2011 Managing Florida's Fracture Critical Bridges Azizinamini, Atorod Florida International University Kerr, Richard 5/27/2014 BDV29 977-17 BDK80 977-17 2013.WMV
3/11/2011 Pendulum Impact Testing of Metallic, Non-Metallic and Hybrid Sign Posts Consolazio, Gary University of Florida Fallaha, Sam 8/31/2015 BDV31 977-16 BDK75 977-42 2013.WMV
1/4/2011 Repair of Impact Damaged Utility Poles with Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (FRPs) Mackie, Kevin University of Central Florida Wagner, David 6/30/2015 BDV24 977-04 BDK78 977-08 2013.WMV