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Structures Design

Structures Design

EDC - Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems

Picture of the MainStreet Bridge in Florida

Website Overview - WMV

Plans Preparation Manual (PPM), Vol. 1, Section and Structures Design Bulletin 12-07 (PDF) provide expanded direction for investigating prefabricated bridge alternates during the Bridge Development Report (BDR) phase of design.   The referenced section of the PPM formalizes the process for evaluating whether prefabricated options should be considered based on feasibility questions, then, when warranted, how to develop and select prefabricated options through an assessment matrix.   An assessment matrix methodology allows for alternate selection based on less than perfect knowledge.   Both direct and indirect costs for prefabricated and conventional options are to be reported in the BDR.   See Structures Design Bulletin C11-04 (PDF) and Exhibit 26-F (PDF) for additional background information.   See Training video (WMV) and notes (PDF).

This website is intended to provide design guidance for developing prefabricated bridge alternates and gives examples on how to estimate both direct and indirect costs. To date, the FDOT does not have sufficient historical bid data for prefabricated bridge alternates in order to develop reasonable cost estimates from average unit material costs.   To fill this gap, the Structures Design Office has developed several training videos for the purpose of educating designers on factors for consideration related to use of PBES for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC).   Sample contractor estimates are provided to show how project costs may be developed to compare conventional construction methods versus a prefabricated ABC approach.

FDOT Accelerated Bridge Overview of Policies and Innovative Contracting Strategies - WMV

Six (6) Barriers to PBES Implementation - Taking PBES out of the Lab and into the Wider World WMV

Every Day Counts

Case Studies: Considerations for Prefabricated ABC Approach

Case Study Description Presentation Video Presentation Notes Alternate Comparison Outline
1 Bridge Replacement In Close Proximity to Major Interstate-to-Interstate Interchange WMV (9:04) PDF PDF
2 Major Intercoastal Waterway Crossing Bridge Replacement WMV (8:43) PDF PDF
3 Replacement Bridge Serving as Ingress/Egress Route to Major Port WMV (5:27) PDF PDF
4 Braided Ramp Over Ingress Into International Airport WMV (6:30) PDF PDF
5 Widening of Long Low-Level Bridge Located Over a Floodplain and a Navigable River WMV (8:04) PDF PDF
6 Construction of a Long Bridge Viaduct Located in the Median of an Existing Interstate WMV (7:37) PDF PDF
7 Construction of a Fairly Long Bridge Viaduct Located in the Median of an Existing Busy Roadway WMV (12:47) PDF PDF

Case Studies: Cost Comparisons between Conventional Versus Prefab Construction

Case Study Description Presentation Video Presentation Notes Estimator's Notes
Prefabricated Alternate Conventional Alternate
1 Interstate Bridge Replacements over Local Road in Urban Environment WMV (18:55) PDF PDF PDF
2 Interstate Bridge Replacements over Proposed Rail Transit Corridor WMV (11:05) PDF PDF PDF
3 Multiple Bridge Replacements over Proposed Rail Transit Corridor WMV (5:48) PDF PDF PDF
4 Bridge Replacements over Interstate with Proposed Rail Transit Corridor WMV (7:27) PDF PDF PDF
5 High Level Bridge over Water: Edison Bridge, Ft. Myers, Florida WMV (12:45) PDF PDF PDF
6 Construction of Viaduct Located in Median of an Existing Busy Roadway WMV (10:30) PDF PDF PDF

  • ABC = Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • BDR = Bridge Development Report
  • EDC = Every Day Counts
  • FIB = Florida I-Beam
  • MOT = Maintenance Of Traffic
  • PBES = Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems
  • PPM = Plans Preparation Manual
  • RUC = Road User Cost
  • SPMT = Self-Propelled Modular Transporter
Future Releases!
  • Preferred Connection Details for Precast Construction
  • Local Bridge PBES Standards
  • Developmental Design Standards for:
  • Full Depth Precast Transverse Deck Panels
  • Precast Bent Caps