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Production Facility Listing

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Note: The Producers with Accepted QC Programs/Qualified Lab Listing is now known as the Production Facility Listing.



The Quality Control (QC) Program defines the quality and process control standards for the FDOT's production and construction operations. As part of this program, participating material producers are required to have a quality control plan which must be reviewed and accepted by the Department prior to doing business with the state.


Producers with an accepted QC Program are then added to the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), the Department's data management system. Once added, the producer is now qualified to supply materials to statewide construction projects. The information collected in LIMS is used to generate various reports, identified as the Production Facility Listing. The reports, which have been listed below, are updated once every 24 hours. Changes to a producer's status may not appear until the next business day.

Material Source Listings -- PDF


Note: Various items listed below are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF files and require the free Acrobat Reader Software.


Aggregate -- Pit Proctor Report PDF-101KB SMO/District Contacts
Aggregate -- Sources PDF-95KB SMO/District Contacts
Aggregate -- Products from Mines or Terminals HTML SMO/District Contacts
Aggregate -- Sources for Friction Course PDF-43KB SMO/District Contacts
Asphalt Sources PDF-77KB SMO/District Contacts
Cementitious Materials Sources PDF-33KB SMO/District Contacts
Coatings -- Structural Steel Sources PDF-62KB SMO/District Contacts
Concrete -- Drainage and Pipe Sources (PI and PC Facilities) PDF-62KB SMO/District Contacts
Concrete -- Incidental Precast Sources (IPC Facilities) PDF-57KB SMO/District Contacts
Concrete -- Non-Structural Sources
Non-Structural Concrete Sources are not governed by the QC Program.
PDF-51KB SMO/District Contacts
Concrete -- Prestressed Sources (PCP Facilities) PDF-52KB SMO/District Contacts
Concrete -- Structural Sources PDF-113KB SMO/District Contacts
Conductivity Meters
Conductivity Meters are not governed by the QC Program.
PDF-102KB Paul Vinik
Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites PDF-50KB SMO/District Contacts
Flexible -- Drainage Pipe Sources (FPP Facilities) PDF-50KB SMO/District Contacts
Metal Fabricators PDF-66KB SMO/District Contacts
Timber Sources PDF-53KB SMO/District Contacts

Material Source Listings -- Excel


As an alternative to the PDF files listed above, the source listings have also been made available in Excel format. Please save the Excel version of the files to your local computer in order to sort the information in the spreadsheet.


Additional Information


Guidelines for Adding a Producer to the Production Facility Listing


Material Source Listings for Contracts Let Prior To July 1, 2002


Qualified Laboratories