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State Materials Office

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Documents and Publications

FDOT: State Materials Office


Please note that many of the State Materials Office Publications are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF files and require the free Acrobat Reader Software.

A - B


Aggregate Approval Instructions for Mines and Terminals


Aggregate Information


Approved Products List (APL) (Links to FDOT Specifications/Estimates Office)


Asphalt Laboratory Information


Asphalt Worksheets


Bridge Environment Data (PDF-266KB)


Bridge Maintenance/Inspection Information (Links to FDOT Maintenance Office)

C - D


C-22 (Sample Transmittal) Cards - General Instructions (PDF-14.9KB)


C-22 (Sample Transmittal) Cards - Ordering Instructions (PDF-19.83KB)


Concrete Mix Design Assignment Report (Updated Daily, XLS-3MB)


Construction Aggregates Manual (PDF-1501.39KB)


CTQP Technician Qualification Status: By Name (XLSX-97KB) | By TIN (XLSX-94KB)


Density Logbook  (Links to FDOT Construction Office)

E - F


Examples of Acceptable Certification


Experimental Project Reports


Florida Sampling and Testing Methods (FSTM)


Forms - Commercial Inspection


Forms - Official FDOT Forms (Links to FDOT Forms and Procedures Office)


Forms - Sample Certification

G - H


High Density Polyethylene Pipe Information


History of Florida Pavement Condition Survey (PDF-135KB)

I - J


Independent Assurance - Checklists


Independent Assurance - Evaluated Active Technicians Report


Independent Assurance - Proficiency Sample Instructions


Independent Assurance - Proficiency Sample Schedule (PDF-14KB)


Independent Assurance - Proficiency Sample Test Reports

K - L


Laboratory and Field Testing Services (PDF-144KB)


Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) - Instructions


Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) - Specifications


Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) - User Manual

M - N


Materials Bulletins


Materials Certification Process - Guide (PDF-507KB)


Materials Issues and Trends


Materials Manual

O - P


Pavement Condition Survey - Flexible Handbook (PDF-1.32MB)


Pavement Condition Survey - History (1973-Present) (PDF-134KB)


Pavement Condition Survey - Rigid Handbook (PDF-1.69MB)


Pit Proctor Quarterly Report


Plant Stamps


Producers with Accepted QC Programs (For Contracts Let After July 1, 2002)

Q - R


Quality Control Plan Checklists


Qualified Laboratory Listings


Qualified Materials/Producer Listings


Radiation Safety Manual


Random Number Chart


Random Sample Locator (Asphalt)


Research Reports


Resolution Testing Costs for Contracts Let Between 2015/2016 (PDF-19KB)
... Previous Years: 14/15, 13/14, 12/13, 11/12, 10/11

S - T


Sample Delivery Process (PDF-494KB)


Sampling, Testing and Reporting Guide (STRG) - From LIMS (XLS-428KB)
... STRG User Instructions (PDF-19KB)

Sample Transmittal (C-22) Cards - General Instructions (PDF-14.9KB)


Sample Transmittal (C-22) Cards - Ordering Instructions (PDF-19.83KB)


Soils and Foundations Handbook (Links to FDOT Structures Office, PDF-7.20MB)


Specifications - Links to FDOT Specifications/Estimates Office


Specification Flow Charts


Standardized Concrete Sample Numbering System Presentation (PDF-482KB)


Structural Concrete Standardized Sample Number Lot Number System Instructions (PDF-136KB)


Structural Steel Repair Procedures

W - X


Water Quality Data