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The Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) is the current business application that supports the quality of materials and workmanship for all construction projects through materials sampling, testing, and acceptance. While LIMS has been mission critical to the Department for over a decade, it is no longer viable from a technology perspective and will have no vendor support after 2015. The Materials Acceptance and Certification (MAC) system will be an enterprise application that will replace the current LIMS application.  Questions?  Ask the MAC Team a Question or view a List of Additional Contacts.

News and Information
Posted May 22, 2015
MAC Training for Implementation 1 – Company Profile, Laboratory Profile, and Production Facility Profile will be provided from June 16-18, 2015 using GoTo Webinar. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, please register at the following location:  Register Here
Posted April 1, 2015
At this time we can provide the following information related to the MAC implementation schedule. The project team took a step back and evaluated the needs of the project.  We determined a multi-implementation approach would better to safeguard the success of project -- Learn More

MAC Presentations 
Date Type of Event Presentation Industry Feedback
02-25-15 Video MAC Demo - Concrete Sample Life Cycle Profiles 05-13-14 Feedback
10-16-13 Webinar Concept - Sample Lifecycle (PDF-162KB) 10-16-13 Feedback (PDF-46KB)
03-07-13 Webinar MAC Core Concepts (PDF-0.98KB) 03-07-13 Feedback  (PDF-124KB)

Note: The following documents are intended to depict the actual steps for testing the Proof of Concept Model, however,
        the site does not yet allow non-FDOT personnel to access it. Access will be provided in the future. At this time the documents
        are being provided to demonstrate the screen layout and “look and feel” of MAC.

MAC Documents for Industry
Document Name Purpose
What is a Company Profile Manager (PDF-98KB)
What is a Laboratory Profile (PDF-98KB)
What is a Production Facility Profile (PDF-98KB)
What is a Company in MAC (PDF-115KB)
MAC Frequently Asked Questions (PDF-68KB)
Documents distributed at the FDOT Construction Conference.



MAC Training
Document Name Purpose

MAC Implementation 1 Training Schedule

MAC Training for Implementation 1