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Tutorials and How To's

FDOT: State Materials Office

Bituminous Materials


LIMS Instructions for Processed or Milled R.A.P. [PDF-736KB]



Certification Manual [PDF-1.20MB]

Corrosion and Materials Durability


Corrosion Sample Instructions [PDF-1.70MB]

Independent Assurance


IA Evaluation By Observation [PDF-398KB]


IA Evaluation By Observation - Split [PDF-745KB]


IA Evaluation By Proficiency [PDF-453KB]


IA Evaluation By Split [PDF-689KB]


IA Training Handout [PDF-3.23MB]



Data Entry Lab Assignment  [PDF-751KB]


Laboratory Qualification Program - LIMS Screen Captures with Instructions [PDF-467.33KB]

Quality Control Program


Viewing Producer QC Plans in LIMS [PDF-1.75MB]

Sampling and Testing


Acceptance in LIMS [DOC-119KB]


Asphalt LIMS Approver Guide List [PDF-91KB]


Concrete LIMS Approver Guide List [PDF-19KB]


Earthwork LIMS Approver Guide List [PDF-19KB]


User Instructions for Revising Sample and Test Data [PDF-923KB]

Structural Materials


Brick, Block and Paver Sample Instructions [PDF-202KB]


Cementitious Materials and Water Sample Instructions [PDF-258KB]


Certified Mill Analysis Sample Instructions [PDF-228KB]


Concrete Cylinder Approval [PDF-525KB]


Concrete Cylinder Lab (Receipt, Result Entry and Validation) [PDF-667KB]


Concrete Cylinder Login [PDF-473KB]


Concrete Plastic Properties Sample Instructions [PDF-1.3MB]


Concrete Producer LIMS Access Instructions [PDF-459KB]


Concrete Project Personnel Sample Report Instructions [PDF-595KB]


Concrete Producer Sample Report Instructions [PDF-965KB]


Curing Compound Sampling Instructions [PDF-154KB]


Edgedrain (Draincrete) Sample Instructions [PDF-422KB]


Self Consolidating Concrete Field Sample Instructions [PDF-642KB]


Steel Cable Sample Instructions [PDF-888KB]


Reinforcing Steel Sample Instructions [PDF-906KB]