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MCSAW Questions and Answers

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Questions and Answers concerning Motor Carriers

MCSAW Questions?

The following are common questions from the motoring public about Florida's Motor Carrier operations along with associated answers to these questions. (Click the Question or Drop-Down Arrow to see the answers):

arrow icon 1. Are rental trucks required to enter weigh stations? What if I'm pulling a rental trailer with my personal vehicle?
arrow icon 2. Where can I find employment information about working at a weigh station?
arrow icon 3. I am a state employee, I will be traveling around the state in a state owned international truck, with a state tag picking up records from offices that are closing, Am I required to stop at every Weigh Station?
arrow icon 4. Are Weigh Stations open on the weekend?
arrow icon 5. I am a common carrier of household goods and other items. I sometimes travel over state lines. Between my vehicle and my trailer (fully loaded) I never exceed 10,000lbs. Do I still require a Motor Carrier Number?
arrow icon 6. I have a question regarding tandem recreational towing: I have a Toyota Tundra and a 21.5 ft travel trailer. I would like to tow my golf cart behind the travel trailer on a small utility trailer. I would like to know the maximum vehicle length also.
arrow icon 7. Are there pay phones at the comfort/inspection barns or in the weigh stations?
arrow icon 8. Where can I obtain an oversize permit?
arrow icon 9. What are the rules for overweight and overdimensional permits?
arrow icon 10. Where can I find information about transporting hazardous materials?
arrow icon 11. How do I pay a citation that I received at the weigh station?
arrow icon 12. Where can I find information on Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL) requirements?
arrow icon 13. What is the legal height in Florida?
arrow icon 14. Where can I find information on escort training in Florida?
arrow icon 15. How do I obtain an IRP/Fuel Trip Permit?

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