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Specifications and Estimates

Specifications and Estimates / Utilities


Specifications and Estimates
2010 Utility Accommodation Training Modules

TRESS No. Title Objectives Min File
Module 1
  1. The purpose of the UAM and how it is incorporated into to Florida’s Statutes, and Administrative Rules.

  2. The guiding principles used in rewriting the 2010 UAM.

  3. Where to get copies of the UAM, the available formats, and binding options.

  4. How to quickly find information in the UAM.

  5. How to follow internal and external references in the UAM.

13 2010UAM-Mod1.WMV
Module 2
  1. Utility liaison and dispute resolution.

  2. Permits and the application of other rules.

  3. The incorporation of FDOT standard drawings and specifications.

9 2010UAM-Mod2.WMV
Module 3
Utility Permits
  1. When a Utility Permit is required and conditions of Utility Permits.

  2. What the UAO includes in a Utility Permit application package.

  3. The approval process for Utility Permits.

  4. Emergency Utility Permits.

  5. Routine maintenance on previously permitted utilities.

16 2010UAM-Mod3.WMV
Module 4
Above Ground Utilities
  1. Differences in limited and non-limited and access right-of-ways.

  2. The requirements for pedestrian pathways.

  3. Where to find standards for determining sight windows.

  4. Aboveground fixed utilities installation and relocation requirements.

  5. Vertical clearances.

17 2010UAM-Mod4.WMV
Module 5
Belowground Utilities
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