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Specifications and Estimates

Specifications and Estimates / Product Evaluation

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Specifications and Estimates



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Within the next few weeks, the Department will be completing the merge of the QPL and the APL into a single new Approved Product List (APL). When this merge is complete, the current QPL and APL will no longer be available for use and a re-direct link will be provided to the new APL. For an introduction and training regarding the use of the new APL, please see this pre-recorded webinar.


Transitioning from QPL to APL

Beginning January 4, 2010, electronic products in Section 102 Maintenance of Traffic must follow the FDOT Approved Product List Approval Process.
This affects the following QPL products: Portable Arrow Boards, Portable Message Boards, Warning Lights, Radar Speed Units and Safety Warning Transmitters.

Arrow Board Types:
Barrier Wall:
   Water Filled
Channelizing Devices:
   Barricades Types:  I,      II     III
   Longitudinal Channelizing Devices
   Tubular Markers:
   Vertical Panel
Crash Cushions
Glare Screen
Lights    Types:   A , BCD
Portable Changeable Message Sign:
    Incident Management Trailer
Radar Speed Display Unit
Raised Pavement Marker Types: D  &  E
Raised Rumble Strips:
   Removable Polymer Striping Tape
   Molded Engineer Polymer Material
   Reflective Collars for Traffic Cone
   Work Zone
Stop-Slow Paddle
Tape, Removable
Temporary Lane Separator
Truck Mounted Attenuator
Trailer Mounted Attenuator
Work Zone Sign Support Types: