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Specifications and Estimates

Specifications and Estimates / Estimates

Trns∙port and Designer Interface

Specifications and Estimates

Cheri Sylvester
Estimating Systems Support Manager
Phone: (850) 414-4179
Fax: (850) 414-4199

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NEW: The Webgate, including Trnsport Reports and Designer Interface will be updated, effective June 1, 2015. Training will be offered through several webinars. See details below, under Training.

The WebGate is a single point of login for access to a variety of applications and Trns∙port reports.
It resides within the FDOT secured firewall. A RACF User ID is Required.

Applications may be accessed through the WebGate or through the direct links below:

  • Citrix Access to Trns∙port Modules* - PES, LAS, CES, and SIM
  • Trns∙port Reports**
  • Designer Interface*
    The Designer Interface is a FDOT web application used by designers to load items and quantities into Trns∙port PES. A RACF User ID is required. For help with internet browser settings, refer to Browser Settings for Designer Interface.pdf
    Projects are created in PES by the District Estimates staff, and updated nightly with administrative information from the Financial Management (FM) System.
    For entering pay items and quantities, the consulting firm is assigned to the project defined by a control group. Each user will be assigned to a control group, allowing access to selected projects. Assigned roles provide access to operations or activities. All employees of a consulting firm will have the same control group.

* Authorized users only.

** Some reports may require additional security.

Trns∙port and Designer Interface Memos


Trns∙port and Designer Interface Memos provide updates and important information to Trns∙port and Designer Interface users. Registration for updates is available through the Contact Database.




  • Designer Interface and BOE Basics: This webinar will provide guidance on the use of the Designer Interface with the updated Preconstruction (web Trnsport) software, as well as updated guidance on the Basis of Estimates and webgate reports. Register here for the webinars. Select one date: May 5, May 11, May 20, or May 28, 2015. The Agenda and Q&A summary are available with Chapter 9 of the BOE.


Informational Presentations

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