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Specifications and Estimates

Specifications and Estimates / Estimates


Specifications and Estimates

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Basis of Estimates and Pay Item Information


Basis of Estimates and Pay Item information.

Basis of Estimates
The Basis of Estimates (BOE) presents the Department's standard method of documenting design quantities for construction pay items. It also presents the standard method of calculating quantities (standard basis of estimate) for many pay items that require special methods of measurement. Since this is not a contract document, it must be used in conjunction with the plans, standards and specifications.
CTeam The C-Team is composed of individuals representing various offices from Design and Construction, working towards coordinated implementation of pay items, specifications, standards and/or related handbooks.
Estimates Applications This page contains links to the WebGate, Designer Interface, Trns∙port Reports, Citrix access to PES/CES Access and other useful links..
Estimates Bulletins The current list of Estimates Bulletins
Cost Trends Reports Links to Price, Cost and Current Bid Trend Reports.
Historical Cost Information Links to recent bid history reports.
Long Range Estimates (LRE) Provides a link to the LRE Application and other useful links.
Work Program Review Provides links to the Work Program Review Schedule and Criteria.
Market Analysis Provides a link to the Market Analysis.