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Driving Down Fatalities - SHSP 2012

Florida is determined to drive down fatalities and injuries on our streets and highways.

The departments of Education, Health, Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol have partnered with agencies of the Federal Government and dozens of traffic safety organizations and private sector businesses to develop Florida's 2012 Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

"With more than 19 million residents and nearly 84 million annual visitors traveling on 121,000+miles of roads, it is a challenge to ensure the safety of Florida's traveling public. The SHSP is an interagency plan to address the challenge by focusing on engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency response solutions." Governor Rick Scott

In October 2011, based upon a review of collected and analyzed crash data, the SHSP Executive Committee designated eight specific traffic crash categories as the priority/emphasis areas for the next five years.

A statewide kickoff meeting of interested safety stakeholders was held on April 26 and 27, 2012. Teams were formed and began the process of recruiting additional expertise and developing appropriate strategies to reduce fatalities and serious injuries. Each team reviewed pertinent data and information on proven countermeasures in order to devise data-driven and research-based strategies for fatality and injury reduction.

On November 5 2012, The plan's Signatory Partners met in Tallahassee to pledge their support for the implementation of the five year plan.

The 2012 SHSP emphasis areas are: