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Special emphasis crosswalk with pedestrian in a simulated view (BDV30-977-04).


The Research Center oversees the Florida Department of Transportation's research program and contracts with state universities and other research service providers to conduct research in all areas of transportation. The Research Center also participates in pooled fund studies with other state transportation agencies and contributes to national studies on subjects of benefit to Florida. FDOT's research program contributes to increasing the safety, reliability, capacity, and efficiency of Florida's transportation system.

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Traffic Engineering and Operations
BDV30-977-04, Aging Road User Studies of Intersection Safety, Summary [PDF - 704 KB], Final Report [PDF - 4,865 KB]
Posted: November 4, 2014

BDV31-977-19, Impedance-Based Detection of Corrosion in Post-Tensioned Cables: Phase 2 Extension of Sensor Development, Summary [PDF - 648 KB], Final Report [PDF - 1,234 KB]
Posted: October 23, 2014

BDV32-977-03, Estimation of Capacities on Florida Freeways, Summary [PDF - 1,236 KB], Final Report [PDF - 2,796 KB]
Posted: September 26, 2014

BDV32-977-02, Comparison of Methods for Measuring Travel Time at Florida Freeways and Arterials, Summary [PDF - 1,090 KB], Final Report [PDF - 1,751 KB]
Posted: September 3, 2014

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