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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has excellent employment opportunities in the Central Roadway Design Office. Please share the advertisements below with your friends, co-workers, associates, and current or former employees who might be interested in this opportunity. Candidates will join a top-performing team where communication and teambuilding skills will be critical. The FDOT offers a friendly, supportive work environment with strong leadership, opportunities to be involved in some of the most important aspects of roadway design, and excellent benefits.


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Roadway Design Engineer - #55009978 (Link)

Professional Engineer License 4/28/15

FDOT Central Roadway Design Office is seeking a highly motivated professional engineer to lead the preparation and publication of the Department’s Design Manuals. The selected candidate will assist in the development of statewide criteria, standards and procedures; lead the development and updating of the Plans Preparation Manual and the Manual of Uniform Minimum Standards for Design, Construction, and Maintenance for Streets and Highways (Florida Greenbook); provide technical advice and assistance to districts and their consultants on issues related to engineering and design policy, rules, criteria and standards; and prepare and deliver presentations and training on a statewide basis.

This is a supervisory position which will be responsible for among other things planning, organizing and coordinating employee assignments and schedules. The incumbent will be responsible for providing meaningful feedback to employees, motivating continued excellence, mentoring and role-modeling, and leading the team through improved effectiveness in the delivery of manuals and standards. The selected candidate will join a top-performing team where communication and teambuilding skills will be critical. For more information, click on the link above.