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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has excellent employment opportunities in the Central Roadway Design Office. Please share the advertisements below with your friends, co-workers, associates, and current or former employees who might be interested in this opportunity. Candidates will join a top-performing team where communication and teambuilding skills will be critical. The FDOT offers a friendly, supportive work environment with strong leadership, opportunities to be involved in some of the most important aspects of roadway design, and excellent benefits.


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Quality Assurance Specialist - #55009951 (Link)

-- 1/9/15

FDOT Central Roadway Design Office is seeking a highly motivated candidate to assist in Design Exception, Design Variation, and Community Aesthetic Feature reviews as well as Quality Assurance Reviews and Analysis activities such as reviewing or participating in a joint review and analysis process in the field or office. This work requires pulling project schedules and other data from supplied documentation in support of analytical processes, running engineering software to evaluate potential severity and associated costs of design element non-compliance, and evaluating crash histories and safety reports. For more detailed information, refer to the People First link above.