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Design Standards


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Year  Design Standards eBooklet Design Standards Revisions Developmental Design Standards

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Year  Design Standards eBooklet Design Standards Revisions

Florida Department of Transportation


Standards History

2014 DSeB DSR
2013 DSeB DSR
FY 2012/13 DSeB DSR

Year  Design Standards Booklet Design Standards Interim Standards

Design Standards Modifications

Select the desired Historical Standards Booklet, Interim Standards or Standards Modification by clicking on their underlined symbol.

The dates shown under Design Standards Modifications are the effective dates of the Modifications with detailed content in English Units unless otherwise noted.

2010 Standards Interim January 2012 July 2011 January 2011 July 2010
2008 Standards Interim January 2010 July 2009 January 2009 July 2008
2006 Standards Interim January 2008 July 2007 January 2007 July 2006
2004 Standards Interim January 2006 July 2005
2002 Standards Interim N/A
2000 Standards Interim January 2006 Metric July 2005 Metric
Year  Roadway Design Standards Traffic Operations Standards Structures

Design Standards

Before our Standards were combined, there were up to three separate versions of Standards. Our Historical Design Standards (1976-1998) have undergone conversion from paper to electronic PDF Format for easy view.


Click on the links to the left for that particular Standards Booklet. Some of these booklets are Metric (M). Each are large in size, so please allow extra time to download.



1998 Roadway (M) Merged with Roadway Design Standards Structures (M)
1996 Roadway (M) Structures (M)
1995 Roadway (M) N/A
1994 Roadway Structures (M)
1992 Roadway Structures
1990 Roadway Structures
1989 N/A Structures
1988 Roadway Structures
1987 Roadway Structures
1986 Roadway Structures
1985 Roadway Structures
1984 Roadway Structures
1983 Roadway N/A
1982 Roadway Traffic Operations Structures
1981 Roadway Traffic Operations Structures
1980 Roadway Traffic Operations Structures
1979 Roadway Traffic Operations Structures
1978 Roadway Traffic Operations N/A
1976 Roadway Traffic Operations N/A


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