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Local Agency Program (LAP)

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Lorraine Hunter

Florida Department of Transportation
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The Department contracts with other governmental agencies to develop, design, acquire right-of-way, and construct transportation facilities and to reimburses these agencies for services provided to the traveling public. When a Local Agency is to be  reimbursed  using Federal funds administered by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Department is held accountable to ensure that the Agency complied with all applicable Federal statutes, rules and regulations. Local Agencies  must be LAP-certified before entering into a LAP Agreement.

The Local Agency Program (LAP) is administered in each District by a District LAP Administrator designated by the District Secretary. Project-level direction and oversight are provided through the District Offices of Planning, Environmental Management, Design, Right-of-Way, Policy Planning, Environmental Management, Federal-Aid, Design, Contracts Administration, Equal Opportunity, Comptroller, and Program Development. The Central Office LAP Administrator chairs the standing committee on standards and practices for local agencies.

FHWA has developed a document titled the Guide to Federal-Aid Programs and Projects. This guide provides basic information about the Federal-Aid programs, projects, and other program information such as funding share, regulatory reference, background and history. The guide is intended to provide basic information for FHWA and State personnel involved in the administration of the Federal-Aid Highway Program. This guide should be of interest to FHWA, State highway agencies, local governments, and private sector personnel interested in a basic understanding of Federal-Aid programs, projects, or other program characteristics.

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