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Highway Landscape Architecture Projects

Landscape at a Florida Highway overpass

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Highway Landscape Projects and Landscape Architecture


Florida is constructing highway landscape projects with nearly $30 million allocated each year by the Florida Legislature. The Florida Department of Transportation's first priority is safety when designing, constructing and maintaining highway landscape projects. In addition, it is expected that landscape projects be aesthetically pleasing, compatible with Florida's ecology, and practical to maintain. The Florida Department of Transportation defines a highway landscape project as any planned or actual landscape or landscaping on Department right of way, including construction or installation, planning, beautification, and maintenance thereof, by a local government entity, non governmental entity, or abutting private property owner.

"Landscaping" means any vegetation, mulches, irrigation systems, and any site amenities, such as, street furniture, decorative paving, fences, and lighting (excluding public utility street and area lighting). "Landscape" typically refers to the visible features of an area of land, including natural features and lands cover as well as indigenous vegetation. The Florida Department of Transportation recognizes the value of the preservation of existing vegetation in roadway design. For this reason, the Department is emphasizing inclusion of a Registered Landscape Architect in the design process. By involving Landscape Architects early and often in the design process, the Department is making roadway aesthetics a priority.

Highway Landscape Projects come in two varieties: those that are contracted by the Department, and those that are not. The varieties are often combined. An example would be a project designed by local government and constructed by the department. The roles are just as likely to be reversed. Funding is available for highway landscape projects from federal, state, and local sources. Regardless of which agency has responsibility for the design and construction, a notice to proceed with construction will only be issued when a maintenance agreement between the local government and the Department has been executed.

In some communities, a non-governmental entity may act as local highway beautification council to develop landscape projects on behalf of the local government. The local government will remain responsible for executing the maintenance agreement.
Local governments interested in developing plans for highway landscape projects should contact the appropriate FDOT District Landscape Architect (DLA). The DLA is responsible for working with landscape architects as they develop plans. The DLA and the Department's engineers will review the plans and provide comments. All plans for highway landscape projects must be approved by the DLA prior to execution of maintenance agreements.

Owners of property that adjoins non-limited access right of way may apply for a Permit for Landscaping on State Road Right of Way. With this permit, adjoining landowners may construct and maintain approved landscape projects on the right of way immediately adjacent to their property.

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