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Computer Based Training (CBT)


The Computer Based Training is in two parts:

  • Part 1 (19 lessons) – Issues Common to all Project Managers (topics include Ethics, Transportation Planning Process, Project Work Plan, Consultant Procurement, Monitoring and Control, Scheduling and Risk Management)

    After completing Part 1, complete and print the Completion certificate. Provide a copy to Siddhartha Kamath in the Production Support Office via email or hardcopy.

  • Part 2 (8 lessons) – FDOT Phase specific practices (Planning, Design, Construction, etc.) Each lesson is standalone with its own certificate.

A CBT lesson will require from 15 minutes to an hour to complete. Key information in each chapter is emphasized with "Tips from an Experienced Project Manager" and intermittent "Speed Bumps" quizzes. Successful completion of each lesson is based on a "Pass" score of 80% on a post-test. There are no restrictions on the number of post-test attempts but a score of 80% is required to "Pass". FDOT employees should submit the Part 1 Completion certificate, and the Part 2 individual lesson certificates to their TRESS coordinators to receive TRESS credit.