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Errors and Omissions

Picture of a Roadway Construction Error

The Department employs professional consulting engineers to provide design engineering and construction engineering and inspection services. While consultants are accountable for the technical accuracy and quality of their work, mistakes may occur that result in substandard work products resulting in a claim against the consultant. Consultant-prepared construction plans and contract documents may contain errors or omissions; as a result, cost and time overruns may occur on a construction project. Cost and time overruns may also occur on a construction project because of a breach of the consultant CEI contract.

When an issue is discovered, it is fully evaluated and responsible parties are notified to work towards a resolution. Errors in or omission of work may result in premium costs because of contract changes that would have not incurred if the work had been included in the original contract. Premium costs are dollar amounts paid for non-value added work. Delays, inefficiencies, rework, or extra work as shown below, other than those caused by the contractor and/or his subcontractors or suppliers, will be considered as non-value added work. Non-value added work can occur in these distinct situations:

  • Work delays or inefficiencies. In this situation, the premium costs are the total delay/inefficiency damages paid to the contractor.
  • Rework. The premium costs are the dollar amount of the original items of work that have to be removed and the costs to remove these items.
  • Extra work. In this situation, the premium costs are computed as the net difference between the final agreed prices paid to the contractor and the Engineer's Estimate of what the cost would have been had the extra work been included in the original bid at letting.

The Department has  Procedure number 375-020-010 to identify and investigate Errors, omissions and contractual breaches in consultant prepared construction plans and contract document. Each District has an Errors and Omissions Liaison. Districts track E&O issues using ProjectSuite Resolution Tracking Module.

For questions or suggestions regarding the Department's Errors and Omissions policy, please contact the Project Management Office's Project Manager - Sid Kamath (850) 414-4343