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Production Support

Production Support / Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Picture of a Contact Card



Responsible Area Telephone

Bob Crim

Production Support Office Manager (850) 414-4380

Alicia Rudd

Administrative Assistant (850) 414-4378

Jeff Caster

Landscape Architect, Highway Beautification, Scenic Highways (850) 414-5267

Ashley Hagan Binder

Landscape Architect, Highway Beautification, Scenic Highways (850) 414-4561

Jacqueline Morris

Training Coordinator, Design Academy, Design Expo (850) 414-4153

Dean Perkins

Architect, ADA Issues, Rest Areas, Asbestos (850)414-4359

Ashis Sanyal

P.E. Trainee Program, Special Projects Administrator (850)414-4345

Project Management


Responsible Area Telephone

Robert Quigley

State Project Management Engineer (850) 414-4356

Mary Jane Hayden

Scope of Services & Staff Hour Estimation 850-414-4783

Sid Kamath

Consultant Evaluation, Errors and Omissions, PM Handbook (850) 414-4343

Dianne Perkins

Program Analyst, ProjectSuite Coordinator, Special Projects (850) 414-4784