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Professional Services Forms

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Professional Services Forms

    Forms are listed in alphabetical order  
  AFP Rate Information Transfer File
    (Last Revised: 15 May 2013 - Requires Microsoft Excel)
(This mini-AFP allows consultants to enter staff and loaded rates one time for all contracts. See User's Guide for more information)
  Automated Fee Proposal Spreadsheet  
    (Last revised: 15 May 2013 - Requires Microsoft Excel)
(must save target as a Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 worksheet - .xls) Note: Operating Margin applied to Direct Labor only
  Automated Fee Proposal User's Guide  
    (Last revised: November 2011 - Adobe Acrobat PDF file)  
  AFP Text Length Verification Tool  
    (Last revised: October 2009 - Adobe Acrobat PDF file)  
  Certification of Use of Lower Tier Subs  
    (Form #375-030-40)  
    (Last revised: November 2010 - Adobe Acrobat PDF file)  
  DBE and Small Business Participation Form  
    (Last revised: July 1, 2013 - Microsoft Word Document)  
  DBE Participation Statement  
    (Form #375-030-21)  
    (Adobe Acrobat PDF File)  
  DBE Under-Utilized Work Type Form  
     (Form # 375-030-28)  
  Multi-Project Invoice Summary Form  
     (Form # 375-030-5D)  
  One Page Invoice Form  
     (Form # 375-030-5E)  
  Prequalification Applications  
  Public Records Form  
     (Form # 375-030-61)  
  Self Certification of Accounting System and Reimbursement Rates Form  
     (Form #375-030-51)  
    (Last revised: February 2011 - Adobe Acrobat PDF File)  
  Standard Invoice Form  
     (Form # 375-030-5B)  
  Truth-In-Negotiation Certification  
    (Form #375-030-30)
(Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
  Vendor Certification Regarding Scrutinized Companies Lists  
    (Form #375-030-60)  
    (Last revised: December 2011 - Adobe Acrobat PDF File)  
  The forms available in PDF requires the use of Adobe Reader which is available from the Adobe Web site. This file type can be viewed, but must be filled in and printed manually.  
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