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Carla Perry, P.E.
Manager, Procurement Office

605 Suwannee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Tel: 850-414-4477
Fax: 850-414-4951

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  The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Central Procurement Office is responsible for acquiring professional consultant services (engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, surveying & mapping, planning, and right of way acquisition), contractual services, and commodities related to the state highway systems. Learn More...  

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  Posted: July 20, 2016  
  Electronic Contracting Pilot

As part of The Florida Department of Transportation’s paperless initiative, FDOT will implement use of electronic signature technology for contracting beginning in August 2016. Procurement contracts and amendments will be executed by the Department and external signers (vendors/consultants/contractors) using an electronic signature web application. There is no cost to external signers. Please refer to the link for further detail and guidance on FDOT’s e-signature pilot.

For questions, please contact the Procurement Office, at 850-414-4477.
Posted: March 31, 2015
  Geotechnical and Materials Testing Firms Notice:  
  In an effort to promote uniformity and consistency, the Department has added new Statewide Materials Testing job classes and also standardized the Material and Geotechnical testing rates (pay items). The new job classes are available in the Negotiation Handbook (Attachment B):  
  The listing of the Standard Items and Item Descriptions for Geotechnical and Materials Testing Firms is available in the Negotiation Handbook (Attachment L). Please utilize the standard numbering convention when proposing rates on new projects. Please revise your standard Published Fee Schedule to conform to FDOT standards.  
  Sample MS Word format for Materials Testing/Geotech firms to submit their new published fee schedule  
  Sample MS Excel format for Materials Testing/Geotech firms to submit their new published fee schedule  
  Quick Contract Reference Guide  
Contract Type Examples Advertisements Prequalification Information 1%Transaction Fee Required? Contacts
Professional Services Engineering (including design), Architecture, Surveying & Mapping, Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Right of Way Services Planned Projects and Current Advertisements Professional Services Prequalification No Procurement Office
Commodities/ Contractual Services Supplies, materials, goods, merchandise, equipment/IT consulting services, management consulting, environmental services, temporary staffing services MyFlorida Market Place advertisements No prequalification required Yes Procurement Office
Construction Roadway Construction, Bridge Construction Construction Letting and Project Information Contracts Administration Prequalification No Contracts Administration Office
Maintenance Right of way mowing, asset maintenance Construction Letting and Project Information No prequalification required No Contracts Administration Office
Design-Build   Planned Projects  and Current Advertisements Professional Services  and Contracts Administration No Construction Office  and Contracts Administration
Product Evaluation Traffic Maintenance items – barricades, barriers, cones, sheeting None Approved Product List(APL) No Program Management Office
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