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Trends and Conditions

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The Office of Policy Planning (OPP) tracks key "Trends and Conditions" information that could pose threats to successful implementation of the 2060 Florida Transportation Plan. This information can be used by Florida's decision makers, transportation professionals and the interested public to assist in understanding transportation-related issues and making wise and informed decisions.

The conditions list the latest information on many issues. The trends describe the historical and projected changes affecting the priority issues. Based on the trends and conditions information, analysts and decision makers can develop a greater understanding of the implications of various actions and explore how anticipated future conditions might affect plans.

The Trends and Conditions process is a continuing process that is intended to support the needs of our stakeholders by understanding the external and internal environment. This site will be updated as new information and analysis becomes available.



  • Pocket Guide to Florida Transportation Trends and Conditions -- 2014 (PDF - 5,220 kb) -- Information on transportation and transportation-related issues: the travel demand for transportation facilities and services; the current system or supply of transportation; the impacts of the transportation system on our society; and transportation resources, investments and costs.
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  • Trends and Conditions Reports -- Focuses: Travel Demand; Transportation System; Impact of Transportation; and Transportation Resources, Expenditures and Costs. Reports will be added to the site when they become available and may be viewed as standalone documents.
  • Florida Transportation Indicators -- Created and maintained by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), the Indicators Website provides a quick glimpse of the major transportation factors impacted by or impacting the Florida Transportation System.
  • Special Reports

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