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Systems Planning Office

Systems Planning Office / Office Divisions


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Manager and Office Administration

Employee Area of Responsibility Telephone
Huiwei Shen Office Manager 850-414-4911
Anita Thomas Operations Analyst II 850-414-4934
Paula Joyner Office Assistant - Contracts, Travel 850-414-4729

Strategic Intermodal Systems (SIS)

Chris Edmonston Manager 850-414-4813
George Sirianni Asst. SIS Planning Manager 850-414-4923
Paul Fang Public Transportation Supervisor - SIS Planning GIS Database & Mapping 850-414-4905
Jennifer King Transportation Planner - Statewide SIS Coordinator 850-414-4906
Khaleda Hatim Transportation Planner - Work Program, ETDM Coordinator 850-414-4907
Keith Brown Management Analyst - GIS, Databases 850-414-4922
Kent Cain Transportation Planner - SIS Planning GIS Database & Mapping 850-414-4913

Systems Management

Jennifer Fortunas, P.E. Manager 850-414-4909
Gary Sokolow Sr. Transportation Planner - Access Management and Site Impact Analysis 850-414-4912
Gina Bonyani Sr. Transportation Planner 850-414-4707
Andrew Young Transportation Planner 850-414-4582
Martha Hodgson State Interchange Review Coordinator 850-414-4804