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Transportation Statistics Office

TranStat / Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Picture of a Florida Roadway
Employee Responsibility Area Telephone
Ed Hutchinson Manager, Transportation Statistics Office 850-414-4848
Steven Bentz Transportation Data Administrator 850-414-4709
Eric Brickner Transportation Mobility Analysis Coordinator 850-414-4873
Terrence Corkery Sr. Systems Transportation Modeler 850-414-4903
Hsinfang Fang Traffic Data Analyst 850-414-4713
Joey Gordon Traffic Data Analysis Manager 850-414-4005
Tina Hatcher Highway Performance Analysis Coordinator 850-414-4706
Andrea Hodge Statewide Quality Assurance Coordinator 850-414-4775
Wayne Hrydziusko TranStat Business Manager 850-414-4930
Thomas Hill Manager, Systems Traffic Models 850-414-4924
Victor Johnson Traffic Data Analyst 850-414-4714
Roberta Jones Budget Coordinator 850-414-4725
Larry Kung GIS Analyst 850-414-4721
Lauren LeJeune Transportation Systems Coordinator 850-414-4726
Judy Lenczyk Roadway Characteristics Inventory Coordinator 850-414-4704
Kendall Lindsay Traffic Data Analyst 850-414-4718
Vladimir Majano Sr. Systems Transportation Modeler 850-414-4823
Gabrielle Matthews Systems Transportation Modeler 850-414-4803
Douglas McLeod Transportation Performance Analysis Administrator 850-414-4932
Paul O'Rourke Transportation Data Support Administrator 850-414-4732
Frank Tabatabaee Systems Transportation Modeler 850-414-4931
Chris Talbot Quality Assurance Data Support 850-414-4723
Shannon Weatherby GIS Analyst & RCI/Basemap Coordinator 850-414-4739
Mark Welsh GIS Applications Coordinator 850-414-4722
James Whitley Traffic Data Collections Coordinator 850-921-7378
Joel Worrell Freight Data Systems Coordinator 850-414-4715
Michelle Young Traffic Data Collections Manager 850-414-4726