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Florida Transportation Data Source Book

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The Source Book is a compendium of current and historical data and analysis describing the performance of Florida's transportation system. It is intended to be the primary source of mobility performance measure results for the State of Florida.

The Transportation Statistics Office produces two Source Books: the Multimodal Mobility Performance (MPM) Measures Source Book and a companion General Interest Highway Statistics Source Book which includes data on public roads.


Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Person Miles Traveled (PMT) % Travel Meeting LOS Criteria
% Miles Meeting LOS Criteria Travel Time Reliability Travel Time Variability
Vehicle Hours of Delay Person Hours of Delay Average Travel Speed
% Miles Severely Congested % Travel Severely Congested Hours Severely Congested
Vehicles Per Lane Mile Transit Passenger Miles Traveled Transit Passenger Trips
Transit Average Headway Pedestrian Level of Service (LOS) % Sidewalk Coverage
Bicycle Level of Service (LOS) % Bike Lane/Shoulder Coverage Aviation Passengers
Aviation Departure Reliability Aviation Highway Adequacy (LOS) Aviation Demand to Capacity Ratios
Rail Passengers Rail Departure Reliability Seaport Passengers
Seaport Highway Adequacy (LOS)    
Combination Truck Miles Traveled Truck Miles Traveled Combination Truck Tonnage
Combination Truck Ton Miles Traveled Freight Travel Time Reliability Freight Travel Time Variability
Combination Truck Hours of Delay Combination Truck Average Travel Speed % Miles Severely Congested (Freight)
Vehicles Per Lane Mile (Freight) Combination Truck Backhaul Tonnage Aviation Tonnage
Aviation Highway Adequacy (LOS) Rail Tonnage Rail Highway Adequacy (LOS)
Active Rail Access Seaport Tonnage Seaport Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units
Seaport Highway Adequacy (LOS) Seaport Active Rail Access  

For further information on MPM Data, contact Eric Brickner
For further information on General Interest Highway Data, contact Tina Hatcher
Phone (850) 414-4848

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