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Shapefiles of GIS Layers: Roads

Picture of a Florida Roadway

This page contains shapefiles of various designated roads, including shapefiles representing the basemap. The data is provided statewide in WinZip format and is updated weekly. The data projection is UTM 17, and the datum is NAD 83.

**NOTE: The shape file " Basemap Routes with Measures" contains measures which can be used for event mapping of tabular data that contains milepoint information corresponding to the Transportation Statistics GIS basemap.

Road Shapefiles

Shape File Name Metadata File
Basemap Arcs Metadata
Basemap Routes Metadata
Basemap Routes with Measures Metadata
County Roads Metadata
Divided Highways Metadata
Federal-Aid Highway System Metadata
Interstates Metadata
National Highway System Metadata
National Highway System (un-built segments) Metadata
Off-system Roads Metadata
On-system Roads (State Highway System) Metadata
State Roads Metadata
Strategic Intermodal System Roads Metadata
Toll Roads Metadata
U.S. Highways Metadata
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