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Weekly Briefs, July 11, 2016
Climate Change and Environmental Justice - Transit That Works - TRB Reports

Weekly Briefs, July 11, 2016
2015 Traffic Fatalities - Primer on Infrastructure Cyber Attacks - The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2015 - State of Transportation Planning 2016

Weekly Briefs, July 4, 2016
Assessment of Sidewalk/Bicycle-Lane Gaps - Connecting Specialized Transportation Users and Rides - Transit Supportive Parking Policies and Programs

Weekly Briefs, June 27, 2016
Intercity Passenger Rail Service and Development - The Interstate Highway System Turns 60 - 2016 Florida Port Profiles - NHTSA Traffic Safety Fact Sheets

15th National Tools of the Trade Conference
September 12-14, 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina - To provide practical techniques for transportation professionals in small communities

Weekly Briefs, June 20, 2016
Bike Network Mapping - Freight Transportation as an Economic Engine - Tech Innovations in Transportation - Federal Tax Options To Support Transportation

Weekly Briefs, June 13, 2016
Teen Driver Behaviors, 2007-2015 - Travel Time Reliability for Trucks - Ridesharing, Technology and TDM

Weekly Briefs, June 6, 2016
DUI, 2013-2015 - Bus Rapid Transit - Congestion Cost - Advancing Collaborative Planning - Bicycle and Public Transit Use by Low-Income Latino Immigrants

Weekly Briefs, May 30, 2016
2016 Florida Seaport Mission Plan - FHWA Climate Resilience Pilot Program - Modal Shifts to Transitways - Traffic Safety Facts

The I-75 Relief Community Open Houses
Gainesville on June 7, 2016; Ocala on June 8, 2016; Lecanto on June 9, 2016.

Weekly Briefs, May 23, 2016
Cost Analysis of Highway Assets - Renewable Energy in the Highway Right-of-Way - Economic Development Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit

Weekly Briefs, May 16, 2016
Infrastructure Investment Gap - Pursuing Equity in Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning - Transportation Air Quality Facts and Figures - Infrastructure Skills

Shared-Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail Network Program Individual Trail Applications
Deadline: June 20, 2016

2016 Performance Summit

Weekly Briefs, May 9, 2016
Prioritizing Highway Project Locations - Recreational Trails Program - 2014 NHTSA Traffic Safety Fact Sheets - Storefront Index - Framework for a Climate-Resilient Economy

Weekly Briefs, May 2, 2016
Advancing Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety - Pedestrian and Bicycle Performance Measures - Capital Investment Grant Program - 2014 Motor Vehicle Crash Data

Weekly Briefs, April 25, 2016
2014 NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts - Guidelines for Nighttime Visibility of Overhead Signs - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - The Future of Street Design

Weekly Briefs, April 18, 2016
Leadership Guide for Strategic Information Management - NHTSA Traffic Safety Reports - Transit Connections to High-Speed Rail Systems - Safety Aspects of Bicycle Infrastructure

Weekly Briefs, April 11, 2016
Bicycle and Pedestrian Performance Measures - Roundabout Practices - Transit-Supportive Roadway Strategies - Driving Outcomes with Older Adults

Weekly Briefs, April 4, 2016
Corridor Planning Framework - Transportation Alternatives Program Guidebook - Bicycling and Walking in the U.S. - Investment in Public Transportation

Weekly Briefs, March 28, 2016
Planning and Environmental Linkages - Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State - Dynamic Ride-Share, Car-Share, and Bike-Share - 2015 Traffic Scorecard - Active Transportation and Real Estate

Weekly Briefs, March 21, 2016
On-Road Bicycle Networks - Transformation of Public Transit - Remaking Economic Development - Transit Agencies & the Homeless - Occupant Restraint Use in 2014

Weekly Briefs, April 4, 2016
Corridor Planning Framework - Transportation Alternatives Program Guidebook - Bicycling and Walking in the U.S. - Investment in Public Transportation

Weekly Briefs, March 14, 2016
Prevent Wrong Way Crashes - 2015 Traffic Safety Culture Index - Bikesharing and Bicycle Safety - Uses of Mobile Information Technology Devices - Public Transportation's Role - Urban Containment

Weekly Briefs, March 7, 2016
2015 FDOT Performance Report - Bicycling and Walking in the United States - Health in Transportation - Taxis in Public Transportation - Community Facilities Infrastructure Toolkit

Weekly Briefs, February 29, 2016
Fast Facts - Role and Value of Transportation - Acquiring Real Property Interest in Rail Lines - Effective Project Scoping Practices

Weekly Briefs, February 22, 2016
Transit-Supportive Roadway Strategies - Linking Transit Agencies and Land Use Decision Making - Productive Federal Highway Spending - Innovations in State Transportation Policy

Florida SUN Trail Network Public Open Houses and Webinar - February 29-March 9, 2016, around the state
To gather input on the Florida Shared-Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail Network Program.

Weekly Briefs, February 15, 2016
Linking Greenways and Trails - Nature and Cities - U.S. Decarbonization Pathways - Logistics Led Economic Developments - Impacts of Automated Vehicles

Weekly Briefs, February 8, 2016
Safety Quick Facts 2014 - Alcohol-Impaired Driving - Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation - Green Infrastructure - Smart Growth for Small Towns - Land and the City

Weekly Briefs, February 1, 2016
Commuting Trends in Florida - Impacts of International Freight Rail - Intercity Passenger Rail - TRB Special Recorded Session - Estimating Parking Utilization - Traffic Incidents and Weather

Weekly Briefs, January 25, 2016
Benefits of Complete Streets - Commuting after Baby Boomers - FHWA Reports on Climate Change - Local Road Safety - Intercity Passenger Rail - Paved to Unpaved Roads

TRB Conference - Evolution of Managed Lanes: What’s Next and How Do We Get There? - May 4-6 in Miami, FL.
Discuss all aspects related to managed lanes, roadway pricing and public transit that will impact the implementation and operation of freeways and tollways in Florida and across the U.S.

I-75 Relief Task Force Meeting - January 25, 2016 in Crystal River, FL.
A study area overview of the existing transportation system, opportunities and constraints related to corridor planning, and initial guiding principles for planning future transportation corridors.

I-75 Relief Public Information Webinar - January 21 @ 6:00 p.m.
Review of the Task Force process and charge, overview of the study area and discussion of the public and partner involvement plan.

2015 Florida Transportation Trends and Conditions
Information about how transportation serves and affects Florida.

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