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The Office of Design has gathered together Publications, Manuals, Handbooks and other websites from our Offices to aid our Customer in finding the right information they need in one place.  It is our goal to give you information that is consistent, predictable and repeatable. The material on this site are links directly to other Offices for up to date information.

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Office of Design

Design Bulletins - To receive automatic notifications of updated Design Bulletins, Memos and Publication updates, register your e-mail address in the Florida Department of Transportation contact management database and subscribe as desired at the following link:


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Roadway Design Bulletins

Structures Design Bulletins

Design Standards - Design Standards issued by the Office of Design are available from 1976 to Present along with Design Standards Modifications and the new EBooklet  Instructions for Design Standards (IDS) 




Intelligent Transportation Systems

Engineering CADD Office

CADD Customer Support Guide - An ECSO and Structures Design Office customer support guide to help the civil engineering community in development of plans for the FDOT. This guide explains how to get help, who to contact for help with a specific application or procedure, and what to expect

Bruce Dana

CADD Manual - Standards and requirements for the electronic delivery of project plans. Refers to CADD Production Criteria Handbook

Roadway Design Office - Criteria

Roadway Design Bulletins - Roadway Design Office Design Bulletins from 1998 to Present. Includes links to Lump Sum Project guidelines

Paul Hiers

Florida Urban Area 1 Mile Buffer Maps - Maps depicting Florida’s Urban Areas (as defined in the Introduction of Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) Volume 1) and a 1-mile buffer from those Urban Areas (as discussed in Chapter 8 of the PPM). This data is comprised using the most recent 2010 Census data

Plans Preparation Manuals - All Years - This web page contains the current Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) and all prior versions dating back to 1995

Mary Jane Hayden

Florida Intersection Design Guide (FIDG) - Florida Intersection Design Guide (FIDG) issued by the State Roadway Design Office. Current and Historical versions available on this site

David Amato

Traditional Neighborhood Communities Handbook (TND) - This Traditional Neighborhood Communities handbook (TND) provides planning-level guidance for the design of Traditional Neighborhood communities that are inherently walk-able and bike-able

DeWayne Carver

Florida Greenbook (FGB) - Uniform Standards for Design, Construction and Maintenance for Streets and Highways. For use on all public roads that are not part of the State Highway System. Includes links to Committee Member and Event information and Subcommittee Member and event information. Includes Minutes and Meeting packages from the past

Mary Anne Koos

Roadway Design Office - Standards

Temporary Traffic Control (Maintenance of Traffic) - Provides links to the TTC/MOT Administration website for Providers, Students, various course offerings and other training resources.

Daniel Strickland

Roadway Design Office - Drainage

Drainage Manuals, Handbooks and Design Aids - The current Drainage Manual has up-to-date policy and criteria for the design of Florida Department of Transportation drainage facilities. This site offers and all inclusive list of our Manuals, Handbooks and Design Aids

Rick Renna

Drainage Manual - The current Drainage Manual has up-to-date policy and criteria for the design of Florida Department of Transportation drainage facilities

Open Channel Handbook - This handbook is intended to be a reference for designers of FDOT projects and to provide guidelines for the hydraulic analysis and design of ditches and other open channel flows

Drainage Connection Permits - This handbook has been prepared to assist applicants in complying with the Florida Department of Transportation (Department) Rule 14-86, F.A.C., hereafter called the "Rule"

Temporary Drainage Design Handbook - The primary purposes for designing temporary drainage are minimizing travel lane flooding, preventing damage to property adjacent to the project during construction, and facilitating construction activities by temporarily rerouting or altering drainage conveyances. This Handbook is a practical consideration of problems associated with drainage at roadway construction sites

Drainage Hydrology Handbook - Guidelines for computing the runoff amounts for the design of Florida Department of Transportation drainage facilities.  Available online only

Bridge Hydraulics Handbook - Florida Department of Transportation Bridge Hydraulics Handbook issued by the State Roadway Design Office

Bridge Scour Policy and Guidance - Florida Department of Transportation Bridge Scour Policy and Guidance issued by the State Roadway Design Office

Drainage Culvert Handbook - Information on culvert design extracted from the Cross Drain Handbook originally published in August 1996. Available online only

Drainage Erosion and Sediment Control Manual - Erosion and Sediment Control Manual - June 2007 - Last Update July 2013

Drainage Handbook Exfiltration Systems - A reference for designers of Florida Department of Transportation projects, and to provide guidelines for the analysis of Exfiltration systems (trenches and wells)

Drainage Handbook - Optional Pipe Materials - Guidelines for the use of optional pipe materials on Florida Department of Transportation drainage facilities.  Available online only

Drainage Stormwater Management Facility Handbook - A reference for designers use during the project development phase or the design phase. Guidelines are provided to help select stormwater management facility sites, to address operations of the Department's stormwater facilities. Guidelines are also provide for the calculations associated with stormwater management facilities

Drainage Storm Drain Handbook - Used for the design of urban drainage systems.  A reference for designers of FDOT projects and to address issues with design, construction and maintenance of the Departments storm drains.  Pertinent sections of the 1987 Drainage Manual have been incorporated into this handbook

Roadway Design Office - Pavement Management

Pavement Management Publications - A complete list of Pavement Management Publications issued by the State Roadway Design Office which includes Rigid Pavement Design Manual, Pavement Type Selection Manual and the Flexible Pavement Design Manual.

Lizette Delgado

Flexible Pavement Design Manual - Information necessary to design a new flexible pavement, or develop a properly engineered rehabilitation project. This design manual addresses methods to properly develop a rehabilitation project, pavement milling, and the computations necessary for the pavement design process.

Rhonda Taylor

Pavement Type Selection Manual - This manual addresses methods and computations to properly develop a Pavement Type Selection Report.

Rigid Pavement Design Manual - This manual enables the Pavement Design Engineer to develop proper engineering principles and develop the input data to design a new rigid pavement, or develop a properly engineered rehabilitation project.

Roadway Design Office - Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Training Help site - Training materials/sites used by the State Roadway Design Office

Jeremy Fletcher

Quality Assurance Help Tools - Tools used by the State Roadway Design Office in the evaluation QA Section Review Activities

Quality Assurance Help Links - Publications used by the State Roadway Design Office in the evaluation QA Section Review Activities

Production Support Office

Facilities Design Manual - The Architectural Services unit in the Design Office is responsible for architectural design and construction issues dealing with buildings, bridges and roads.  We manage the optional Architectural Services Contract for fixed capital outlay projects. This contract is available to all districts on an as-needed basis. We maintain Facilities Design Manual, architectural standards for bascule bridges, Rest Areas and other building facilities

Dean Perkins

Project Management Handbook - This handbook covers all Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project phases, from planning to maintenance. Included in the handbook are references where users may obtain further information of the Department's project development and implementation process

Bob Crim

Standard Scope of Services and Staff Hour Estimation Guidelines - Detailed descriptions of the work efforts (Activities and Tasks) for uniform and consistent project scoping and a basis or range of staff hours required to complete every project task. The Guidelines consist of the Scope of Services files (MS Word documents), the Staff Hour Forms and the Staff Hour Estimation Basis (MS Excel spreadsheets)

Alan Hart

Structures Design Office

Structures Design Bulletins

Charles Boyd

Structures Design - Research Reports - Post-Tensioning Reports, Structures Research Laboratory Project Reports, Current Structures Research Laboratory Research Projects

William Potter

Structures Manual - Includes Design and Detailing Guidelines, LRFD Design Examples, Qualified Products List Acceptance Criteria, Design Aids, Modifications to LRFR, Modifications to  LTS-4, and the Facilities Design Manual

Charles Boyd

Kandi Daffin

Soils and Foundation Handbook - A guide to the proper procedures for performing geotechnical services for Florida Department of Transportation

Larry Jones

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Inspector's Handbook - General guidelines used in the construction inspection process

Survey and Mapping Office

Order Aerial Photo's of Florida - Aerial Photo Look-Up System (APLUS). Application allows for map search, drawing tools, to designate area of aerial images desired

Stuart Korte

County General Highway Maps - Online maps available in DGN or PDF format

Jared Causseaux

State Transportation Map - Florida's Official Transportation Map (print size 30"w x 36"h) is distributed primarily at the Official Florida Welcome Centers as well as service plazas on Florida's Turnpike and some rest areas on Florida's interstate system

Right of Way Maps - Most Right of Way (R/W) Maps for State Roads are only available as paper maps and require contacting the appropriate District Surveying & Mapping Office for copies. R/W Maps that are available in a digital format may be obtained directly through this link

George Massey

Right of Way Mapping Handbook - Standards for Right of Way Maps

Surveying Handbook - Surveying standards and guidelines for performing surveys for the Department

Surveying Safety Handbook - Provide information regarding Department acceptable safety and health standards along with rules and regulations while performing work for the Department

Florida's Permanent Reference GPS Network - Hyperlink to the Florida Permanent Reference Network. GPS data from the State Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) geodetic GPS receivers

Ronald Hanson

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