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Freight Logistics and Passenger Operations



In recognition of the significant role that freight mobility plays as an economic driver for the state, the Office of Freight, Logistics and Passenger Operations was created in December, 2011. The office includes the Aviation and Spaceports Office, the Rail and Motor Carrier Office, the Seaports and Waterways Office, and Transit Office


These offices continue to work with federal and local government partners in planning, coordination, financing, grant management, ridership, and regional analysis. These offices also serve as a tool to better connect, develop, and implement a freight planning process in order to maximize the use of the existing facilities and to integrate and coordinate the various modes of transportation, including the combined utilization of both government-owned and privately-owned resources.


This office also plays a key role in advancing Governor Scott’s initiative to transform Florida’s economy by becoming a global hub for trade, logistics, and export-oriented manufacturing activities, augmenting the work of the Department of Economic Opportunity.


The office works in conjunction with the other organizations in the areas of operations, corridor planning, statistics, and further development of the State Intermodal System (SIS) by planning and coordination through its modal offices.

Office Mission Statement


The Freight, Logistics and Passenger Operations Offices will develop motor carrier, rail, transit, seaport, waterways, aviation and spaceport opportunities through program and project management in order to support the Florida Department of Transportation comprehensive multimodal transportation system.

Freight Mobility


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