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Florida's Transportation System by the Numbers

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This table has been prepared to provide a quick overview of Florida's Transportation System. It includes the major transportation system components, the owner or operator of the transportation facilities and services and the portion of the system that makes up the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS). The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) works closely with our partners in other state agencies, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), and local governments to meet Florida's transportation needs.

Transportation System
Component Owner/Operator All Major Facilities Strategic Intermodal System
(FDOT has the lead role)
State Highways State of Florida 12,099 centerline miles
  6,783 bridges
4,425 centerline miles
Non-State Roads Federal government and others     2,315 centerline miles
       290 bridges
Local governments 107,674 centerline miles
    5,091 bridges
48 centerline miles
Public Transit Local governments
Transit agencies
30 urban and 3 rural fixed-route transit systems, including 6 fixed guideway systems: Tri-Rail, SunRail, Metrorail, Metromover, Skyway Express, and TECO Line Streetcar 2 commuter rail systems
(Tri-Rail, SunRail)
Rail Private sector with exception of state owned 81 mile Southeast Florida Rail Corridor (SFRC) & 62 mile Central Florida Rail Corridor 2,753 railway miles
  • 143 miles state owned
2,319 railway miles
      7 rail freight terminals
    34 interregional passenger terminals
Seaports Local agencies      15 seaports      11 seaports
Waterways Federal and state governments 3,475 miles of shipping,
intra-coastal and inland routes
2,262 miles of shipping,
intracoastal and inland routes
Aviation Local agencies 775 airports
  • 129 public use
  • 646 private use
17 commercial
  2 general aviation reliever
Spaceports Special district 2 spaceports
5 active launch facilities
2 spaceports
Last Updated: 01/13/2015
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