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Internship Information

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Internship Program

The Florida Department of Transportation’s Internship Program offers students an exciting insider's view of the transportation industry and an opportunity to develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their professional development.  

In order to apply you must be a currently enrolled student at an accredited university and have a status of Junior or above.

Please follow the Steps below to Apply:

1. Download the application by clicking HERE.

2.  Open the Summer 2016 advertisement listing by clicking HERE.

3. Read the instructions at the top of the advertisements and ensure that you notate the advertisement number of the position(s) you wish to be considered for in your application. An example of an advertisement number is 55990801. You may list multiple advertisement numbers on your application to be considered for multiple positions.

* NOTE: Please complete the entire application. Any incomplete applications may not be considered.

4. Please email the application and any supporting documents to interns@dot.state.fl.us or via fax to 850-414-5299 by 11:59 pm June 19, 2016. Any late submissions will not be considered.


For more information on how to apply, contact the Human Resources Office at (850) 414-5340.