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Equal Opportunity Office

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Title VI Contacts

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Title VI Contacts


Central Office
Jacqueline Paramore
State Title VI Coordinator
(850) 414-4753 jacqueline.paramore@dot.state.fl.us
District Title VI Coordinators    
District One
Jamie Schley (863) 519-2573 jamie.schley@dot.state.fl.us
District Two
Dorothy Neal (386) 758-3767 dorothy.neal@dot.state.fl.us
District Three
John Smith (850) 330-1520 john.smith@dot.state.fl.us
District Four
Adrienne Brown (954) 777-4190 adrienne.brown@dot.state.fl.us
District Five
Jennifer Smith (386) 943-5367 jennifer.smith2@dot.state.fl.us
District Six
Eman Gomaa (305) 470-5219 eman.gomaa@dot.state.fl.us
District Seven
Lee Beasley (813) 975-6427 lee.beasley@dot.state.fl.us
Turnpike Enterprise
Jeanette Schutz (407) 532-3999 jeanette.schutz@dot.state.fl.us