Follow these steps to Sign and Seal files in PEDDS

  1. Open up the project in PEDDS (instructions here).
  2. Switch to the signatory who will sign and seal files (instructions here).
  3. Using the PEDDS Folder View, navigate to the folder where the signatory will sign files.
  4. Folder View

    Folder View

  5. Click the check box next to the file to be signed and sealed. The file should be highlighted green.
  6. File View Selected

    Selected File in File View

  7. Click the Sign and Seal button in the toolbar or select "Signatory->Sign and Seal" from the menu.
  8. Sign and Seal Toolbar Button

    Sign and Seal Toolbar Button

    Sign and Seal Menu Item

    Sign and Seal Menu Item

  9. After some processing, the checkbox will uncheck and the icon next to the file will change.
  10. Newly Signed File

    A Newly Signed File

  11. This process can be repeated as needed.  More than one file can be selected before the sign and seal process is invoked.
  12. Also, all of the files can be selected or deselected via the buttons at the bottom of the file view.  The invert button causes all selected files in the file view to be deselected and all deselected files in the file view to be selected.
  13. File View Buttons

    File View Buttons

Un-Signing and Sealing Files in PEDDS

To un-"sign and seal" a file in PEDDS, the steps are very similar to signing and sealing above. In step 4 above, instead of selecting a file to sign and seal, select a file that has been signed by the current signatory. Then, click the sign and seal button, or use the sign and seal Signatory menu item, to un-"sign and seal" the file.

This is useful if you need to re-"sign and seal" files in order to correct any problems arising from securing or authenticating a project/delivery.

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