What does it mean to "Secure" a project/delivery?

In the PEDDS system, files are indexed and stored according to a file's content, not a file's name. The content of a file is used to create a unique id called a "Hash Code". This hash code is used to index and store the file in the PEDDS database and file store. When a file's content changes, its hash code changes. This means that the project's meta info needs to be updated to reflect this new hash code.

Also, if a file is added to the project, the file needs to have a hash code generated for it and this hash code needs to be stored in the project's meta info so that it can be stored correctly in the PEDDS database and file store.  This hash code is generated via securing the project.

Follow these steps for securing a project/delivery in the PEDDS Client Application

  1. Open up the project to be secured in PEDDS (instructions here).
  2. Secure the project by either clicking the "Secure Active Project" button on the toolbar or selecting the "Secure" menu item from the "Project" menu.
  3. Secure Project Toolbar Button

    Secure Project Toolbar Button

    Secure Project Menu Item

    Secure Project Menu Item

  4. A progress dialog will then open depicting the time it takes to secure all of the files.  Then, the "Delivery Manager Information" dialog will open up providing the opportunity to edit the meta info of the project.  Click the "Next" button after any changes.
  5. Delivery Manager Information Dialog

    Delivery Manager Info Dialog

  6. The "Description of Delivery" dialog will open up.  Click the "Finish" button after any changes.
  7. Delivery Description Dialog

    Delivery Description Dialog

  8. The "Delivery Manifest Document" will then open up.  Click here to see what the Delivery Manifest Document is and how to use it. Click the red "X" in the upper right of the dialog when finished.
  9. Delivery Manifest Report Dialog

    Delivery Manifest Report Dialog

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