What is PEDDS?

PEDDS is an application developed by the Florida Department of Transportation used to Sign and Seal documents stored electronically. This system meets the requirements of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Boards of Professional Regulation for signing and sealing electronic documents.

PEDDS is a project centric system designed specifically to meet the rules of those Boards of Professional Regulation and suite the needs of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for delivering electronically produced plans sets along with the native CAD files, input files used in the design of a project, reports, journals, specifications and data files to be used later in construction. PEDDS secures a project within a folder structure that defines the project. Specific files within that structure are selected for signing and sealing by a professional.

This system is not well suited for signing and sealing random individual files or, sending files that are not part of a project as just described. If you are using the PEDDS system as part of a Florida Department of Transportation project, help is available from the Engineering/CADD Systems Office (ECSO), phone# (850)414-4711. Otherwise, tutorials are found on the Quick Clips page. If you are using PEDDS as required by another entity such as a municipality, county government or another agency, the software is available free for use. However, for policies concerning it's application and support you should first contact the agency requiring its use.

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