Follow these steps for opening an existing project in the PEDDS Client Application

  1. Choose the option to open an existing project by either clicking the toolbar button, choosing "Open Project" from the "Project" menu, or choosing the project from a list of projects in the "Recent Projects" menu.
  2. Open Project Toolbar Button

    Open Project Toolbar Button 

    Open Recent Project Menu Item

    Open Recent Project Menu Item

    Open Project Menu

    Open Project Menu Item

  3. If a current project is open in PEDDS, the client will ask if the user wants to close the active project.  Click "Yes" to continue.
  4. If the project is being opened from the "Recent Projects" menu, the project should open up in PEDDS without any further input on the part of the user.
  5. If the project is being opened from the toolbar or the "Projects->Open Project" menu item, the "Open Existing Project" Dialog will open.
  6. Open Existing Project Dialog

    Open Existing Project Dialog

  7. Enter in the path to the project or click the "Browse..." button and navigate to the project directory.
  8. Highlight the project to open and click the "OK" button.  Click the "OK" button in the "Open Existing Project" dialog.
  9. The selected project will now open up in the PEDDS Client.

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