What is a project signatory?

A Signatory is a person that takes legal liability for the files they select to sign and seal. A Signatory is uniquely identified by a Signatory Type and License Number. For example, "Professional Engineer" and PE Number.

Follow these steps to create a project signatory

  1. Open up the project to which you wish to add a new signatory in PEDDS (instructions here).
  2. Click the "New Signatory" button or choose "New" from the "Signatory" menu.
  3. Create Signatory Toolbar Button

    Create Signatory Toolbar Button

    Create Signatory Menu Item

    Create Signatory Menu Item

  4. The "Create New Signature File" Dialog will then open.
  5. Select a Signatory Type, enter in the Profesional's Name and License Number.  Entering a password is optional, but if a signatory doesn't have a password, anyone can sign and seal files in that person's name.  Click the "Next" button when finished.
  6. Create New Signature Dialog

    Create New Signature Dialog

  7. The "Signatory Scope of Work" Dialog will then open up.  Enter in the newly created signatory's scope of work and click the "Finish" button.
  8. Signatory Scope of Work Dialog

    Signatory Scope of Work Dialog

  9. Select the new signatory in the signatory picker to start signing and sealing files (instructions here).
  10. Signatory Picker

    Signatory Picker

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