Follow these steps for creating a new project in the PEDDS Client Application

  1. Move all electronic files to a folder on a hard drive accessible to the PEDDS Client.
  2. Start the PEDDS Client.  Click the "Create Project" toolbar button or select "Create Project" from the "Project Menu".
  3. Create Project Toolbar Button

    Create Project Toolbar Button 

    Create Project Menu

    Create Project Menu Item

  4. The "Create New Project" dialog opens up. Click the "Browse" button and navigate to the folder where all of the electronic files are that were moved in step one above.  Click the "OK" button in the "Browse For Folder" dialog and the "OK" button in the "Create New Project" dialog.
  5. Create Project Dialog

    Create New Project Dialog

  6. The "Project ID exe" program will now be executed.  Enter in all of the information about a project and then click the "Save Project Id" button.
  7. Project ID exe

    Project ID exe program

  8. The "Delivery Manager Information" dialog then opens.  Type in the delivery manager's name and title and click the "Next" button.  The "Description of Delivery" dialog then opens.
  9. Delivery Manager Information Dialog

    Delivery Manager Info Dialog

  10. Enter in the delivery description into the "Description of Delivery" dialog and then click the "Finish" button.
  11. Delivery Description Dialog

    Delivery Description Dialog

  12. The Delivery Manifest Document is then created and opened in a report dialog.  Click here to see what the Delivery Manifest Document is and how to use it.  Click the red "X" in the upper right of the dialog to close it.
  13. Delivery Manifest Report Dialog

    Delivery Manifest Report Dialog

  14. The project is now ready to be worked with.  The next step is usually to create new signatories for the project (instructions here).

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