What is a File Qualifier?

The File Qualifier may contain qualifying information such as stipulations, special conditions, or other information which would qualify the Signatory's intentions when signing and sealing a project file using this signature file.

Follow these steps to qualify a file in PEDDS

  1. Open up a project in PEDDS (instructions here).
  2. Switch to the signatory who will qualify a file (instructions here).
  3. Right click the file to be qualified.  Please note that the file being qualified must be signed by the current signatory.
  4. Choose "Edit/View Qualifier" from the right click popup menu.
  5. Edit/View Qualifier Menu Item

    Edit/View Qualifier Menu Item

  6. The "PEDDS-Edit Qualifier" Dialog will open. Enter in some appropriate text or delete the text that's already there and click the "OK" button.
  7. PEDDS Edit Qualifier Dialog

    PEDDS Edit Qualifier Dialog

  8. The qualifier text will show up in the PEDDS file view.  
  9. File Qualifier Displayed in File View

    File Qualifier Displayed in File View

  10. If the current signatory is changed, the qualifier text will not display.
  11. File Qualifier Not Displayed

    File Qualifier Not Displayed

  12. The qualifier text will re-display if the signatory who created it is made the current signatory.

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