Follow these steps to change the current signatory

  1. Open up the project in PEDDS (instructions here).
  2. Click the down arrow next to the signatory picker to see the different signatories in the current project.
  3. expanded signatory picker

    Expanded Signatory Picker

  4. Select the signatory and then click the signatory's name.
  5. The "Signatory Pass-Phrase Validation" Dialog will open. Enter in the password for the signatory and click the "OK" button.
  6. Signatory Pass-Phrase Validation Dialog

    Signatory Pass-Phrase Validation Dialog

  7. The "Validation Results" Dialog will open up informing whether the password is accepted or not.
  8. Positive Validation Results

    Positive Validation Results

    Negative Validation Results

    Negative Validation Results

  9. If the Signatory is correctly validated, it will appear in the unexpanded signatory picker. Now, files can be selected and signed and sealed by this signatory.
  10. Signatory Picker

    Signatory Picker

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