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The Engineering/CADD Systems Office (ECSO) provides publications that will allow the Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) civil engineering community to stay informed of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) CADD policies and standards, customer support, and the latest news. These publications include:

Item Description
Additional Publication Bookmarks Through publications, like reference guides, maps, and project literature, the DOT reaches many Floridians and visitors, informing them about a broad range of transportation issues. Tailored to the needs of each audience, these publications explain how we are organized, who to contact, key responsibilities, transportation financing, and the design and construction process.

This is not a complete list of web links to documents or publications that are available for download from FDOT.

CADD Manual

The CADD Manual addresses the requirements to effectively utilize CADD for production, delivery and processing of electronic projects for the FDOT. In addition to software and configuration requirements, it identifies the tools, techniques, applications, standards and procedures that are to be used to produce quality products in a timely manner.

This manual establishes production standards, procedures and support required for engineering projects.  CADD standards for in-house information technology resources must be in compliance with Department policies, procedures and standards for information technology resources.  This manual also serves to provide professional services administrators, project managers, consultants, in-house designers, and others, a procedure which shall be incorporated by reference into scopes and other contract documents for services.

CADD Production Criteria Handbook (CPCH)

The FDOT CADD Manual and CADD Production Criteria Handbook (CPCH) merger complete, the CADD Production Criteria Handbook (CPCH) will subsequently be eliminated! Please change all your website links and document bookmarks from the CADD Production Criteria Handbook (CPCH) to reference the CADD Manual at: http://www.dot.state.fl.us/ecso/downloads/publications/Manual/default.shtm.

Customer Support Guide The Department’s Customer Support Guide provides CADD support resources for the Department’s personnel and the engineering community to assist in the production of CADD projects for the Department. This guide explains how to find help for specific CADD applications and procedures, who to contact, and what to expect from the support staff within the Engineering/CADD System Office (ECSO), Structures Design Office (SDO), and Survey & Mapping Office (S&MO).
FDOT Civil 3D Workflows

This is the documentation for the FDOT Civil 3D State Kit system; which is made up of a collection of workflow topic items.

Master Pay Item List for Excel Comp Book Forms

ECSO provides the latest master pay item list in Excel format for use with the Excel Comp Book Forms.

Professionals' Electronic Delivery System (PEDDS) PEDDS is an application developed by the Department and used to Sign and Seal electronically stored engineering documents. This system meets the requirements of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Board of Professional Engineers for signing and sealing electronic documents.