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Spring 2013 FLUG Presentations

Picture of a Florida Roadway
Filename Description Size Presenter
GEOPAK Borehole Navigator FLUG 2013 Document GEOPAK Borehole Navigator This session will teach the user how to set up the Borehole Navigator and use the tool to draw soil boxes into the cross sections. 654 KB Denise Broom
GEOPAK Ancillary Features FLUG 2013 Document GEOPAK Ancillary Features This session will show the user how to get utilities and other features into the cross sections from 2D and/or 3D elements using GEOPAK Ancillary Features. 651 KB Denise Broom
Civil 3D Signing & Pavement Marking FLUG 2013 Document Civil 3D Signing & Pavement Marking

Civil 3D Sign Tool FLUG 2013 Document Civil 3D Sign Tool
This session will teach users the FDOT Signing & Pavement Marking tools for Civil 3D., including new additions to the FDOT Civil 3D State Kit concerning the FDOT Sign Tool and Pavement Marking Tool. The user will also learn labeling and creating dynamic labels. 819 KB

205 KB
Randy Roberts
FDOT Corridor Modeling in Civil 3D FLUG 2013 Document FDOT Corridor Modeling in Civil 3D This hands-on workshop will teach users beginning Corridors in Civil 3D. User will review Data Management options, understand how Data Shortcuts work, and learn a brief overview of organizing a corridor project with side streets and intersections will be included. The users will learn how to start and organize the basics of a C3D Corridor project and review components of the Civil 3D Corridor. Users will also learn how to create an FDOT existing conditions corridor from FDOT assemblies. 170 MB Mary Peterman
Civil 3D Entity Manager FLUG 2013 Document Civil 3D Entity Manager This session will teach users the use of Entity Manager in Civil 3D. Entity Manager is a comprehensive tool used to place objects in the drawing. It helps with CADD symbology QC and quantities by warning the user if the symbology is correct for the active file, and allows attachment of Pay item metadata compatible with QTO at the time of placement. Users will learn the important tools in the FDOT Civil 3D 2012 State Kit. 180 KB Mary Peterman
Civil 3D State Kit FLUG 2013 Document Civil 3D State Kit This session will review Florida State Kit for Civil 3D. The user will learn of the installation, integration with Civil 3D, FDOT tools and FDOT value added content. The user will be able to understand how the Kit is utilized to complete a FDOT Transportation project. 905 KB Mary Peterman
Linked Data Manager FLUG 2013 Document Linked Data Manager The FDOT Linked Data Manager (LDM) is a new tool replacing the current workflow for placing and filling in content of summary boxes. LDM links the summary box and data files all at once to the design for easy updates. Join us to check it out and learn the expanding utilization of this powerful automation tool. 1.15 MB Denise Broom
New! Quantities Procedure FLUG 2013 Document New! Quantities Procedure The rules are changing and the Computation Book will be fading out of the workflow for FDOT projects. A new procedure and resources have been set in place to document the quantities in the plans. This session will go over the background information, review the new procedure, and demonstrate the new FDOT CADD resources to use to get the quantities documented and in the plans. 1.08 MB Denise Broom
Summary of Drainage Sheet Automation FLUG 2013 Document Summary of Drainage Sheet Automation Whether using GEOPAK Drainage or not, there is a tool to automate the process of getting the Drainage information onto the Drainage Structure sheets in MicroStation. Join this session to learn how. 673 KB Denise Broom