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Fall 2012 FLUG Presentations

Picture of a Florida Roadway
Filename Size  Description
GEOPAK Ancillary Features (WORKSHOP) by Denise Broom
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens GEOPAKAncillaryFeatures1.pdf (1,090 KB) GEOPAK Ancillary Features #1

Adobe PDF graphic link that opens GEOPAKAncillaryFeatures2.pdf (206 KB) GEOPAK Ancillary Features #2

Winzip graphic link that opens GEOPAKAncillaryFeatures.zip (1.1 MB) GEOPAK Ancillary Features
1,090 KB

206 KB

1.1 MB
This hands-on workshop will teach the students how to get utilities and other features into the cross sections (or profile) from 2D and/or 3D elements using GEOPAK Ancillary Features.
GEOPAK Earthwork (WORKSHOP) by Denise Broom
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens GEOPAKEarthwork1.pdf (1,699 KB) GEOPAK Earthwork #1

Adobe PDF graphic link that opens GEOPAKEarthwork2.pdf (552 KB) GEOPAK Earthwork #2

Winzip graphic link that opens GEOPAKEarthwork (8.1 MB) GEOPAK Earthwork
1,699 KB

552 KB

8.1 MB
This workshop will guide the students through using the GEOPAK Earthwork tool with hands-on exercises to create basic earthwork quantities as well as more complex set ups to calculate overbuild or other materials found on the cross sections.
Corridor Modeling Overview by Jimmie Prow
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens CorridorModelingOverview.pdf (1,676 KB) Corridor Modeling Overview 1,676 KB This Session will present information on effectively using Corridor Modeling on FDOT projects by sharing ECSO experience on how to ease the transition to Corridor Modeling. This session will demonstrate how to START a project and to see the basics of Roadway Designer within Corridor Modeling to provide a better quality design.
Corridor Modeling Template Library by Jimmie Prow
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens CMTemplateLibrary.pdf (1,312 KB) Corridor Modeling Template Library 1,312 KB The ECSO office has developed an extensive library of graphical roadway design components that should be used on FDOT Corridor Modeling projects. This session will demonstrate how to find the components you need and how to configure them to work for your project requirements.
Civil 3D Plans Production by Mike Racca and Randy Roberts
MS Word graphic link that opens Civil3DPlansProduction.doc (1,326 KB) Civil 3D Plans Production 1,326 KB This class will cover all necessary Civil 3D processes required to use AutoCAD Civil 3D Plan Production tools that are utilized in the FDOT Plans workflows such as how to create Data References, View Frames, Sample lines, Profile and Section Views and Plan Production output wizards.
Civil 3D Sheet Workflows by Mike Racca and Randy Roberts
MS Word graphic link that opens Civil3DSheetWorkflows.doc (679 KB) Civil 3D Sheet Workflows 679 KB This class will walk through how to setup and prepare FDOT standard sheets; Key Sheets, Typical Plan and Plan/Profile and Cross Sections Sheets. Requires a knowledge of using Civil 3D Plan Production tools.
NEW! Link Data Manager by Michele Schiele
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens LinkDataManager.pdf (1,446 KB) NEW! Link Data Manager 1,446 KB FDOT ECSO would like to introduce a new tool - FDOT Linked Data Manager (LDM). This new tool is replacing the current workflow for placing and filling in content of summary boxes. LDM links the summary box and data files all at once to the design for easy updates. Join us and check it out.
Civil 3D Traffic Plans by Randy Roberts and Mike Racca
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens Civil3DTrafficPlans.pdf (1,737 KB) Civil 3D Traffic Plans 1,737 KB This session will cover new additions to the FDOT Civil 3D State Kit concerning the FDOT Sign Tool, Pavement Marking Tool, and Place Block Group. I will also show improvements in the creation of Signal and Lighting plans. We will also discuss creating and modifying dynamic labels.
The Power of Pen Tables by Jimmie Prow
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens ThePowerofPenTables.pdf (723 KB) The Power of Pen Tables 723 KB Pen Tables are a very powerful and effective way to customize the printed output of your plans. This session will show how simple it is to edit pen tables and how they can be customized for things like shading references, using multiple shades of gray and Printing transparencies without Rasterized.
Corridor Modeling End Conditions by Vern Danforth
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens CMEndConditions.pdf (723 KB) Corridor Modeling End Conditions 723 KB This discussion will focus on how to add, edit and test End condition components on templates using the FDOT Template library to meet FDOT project design standards. Tie-down slope may vary depending on the lateral conditions of a corridor Therefore, Corridor Modeling End Condition components can have many other targets and uses. Time permitting we can discuss other methods and examples for using End Conditions components.
GEOPAK Quantity Manager by Denise Broom
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens GEOPAKQuantityManager.pdf (1,978 KB) GEOPAK Quantity Manager 1,978 KB This one hour session will go through the workflow to use GEOPAK Quantity Manager from generating the quantities to the reports.
Civil 3D Quantities Overview by Randy Roberts and Quinton Tillman
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens Civil3DQuantitiesOverview.pdf (1,277 KB) Civil 3D Quantities Overview 1,277 KB This session will cover recent developments in extracting quantities data from the Autodesk Civil 3D platform. There are a number of different ways of extracting quantity data and different formats for storing and presenting that data. Randy and Quinton will present the options and demonstrate the pros and cons of those methods.
Signing & Pavement Marking by Christiana Holmes
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens Signing&PavementMarking.pdf (1,241 KB) Signing & Pavement Marking 1,241 KB This session will cover the Signing and Pavement tools available. Users will learn how to easily develop Signing and Pavement Marking Plans using Draw Sign and Design and Computation Manager.

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