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Fall 2011 FLUG Presentations

Picture of a Florida Roadway
Filename Size  Description
Civil 3D Quantity Takeoff by Michele Guynn and Mary Peterman
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens Civil3DQuantityTakeoff1.pdf (580 KB) Civil 3D Quantity Takeoff #1

Adobe PDF graphic link that opens Civil3DQuantityTakeoff2.pdf (580 KB) Civil 3D Quantity Takeoff #2
1,008 KB

1,930 KB
An overview to using quantity takeoff tools to perform quantity take offs from Civil 3D objects and pay item assigned AutoCAD entities.
Variable Medians in Corridor Modeler by Vern Danforth
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens VariableMediansInCorridor.pdf (580 KB) Variable Medians in Corridor

580 KB The FDOT Engineering CADD Service office has worked with designer/engineers to develop "Plug In" Variable Median Templates in GEOPAK Corridor Modeling to be used on urban widening and resurfacing projects. This session will demonstrate their application on active design/build projects and answer the five W?s on how you can too!.
Quantity Manger by Jimmie Prow
Internet Explorer graphic link that opens FDOT QM website Quantity Manger N/A This session will demonstrate the basics of generating electronic quantities from start to finish. This includes using information from Trnsport to set up the project, using GEOPAK's Design and Computation Manager to generate quantities, Quantity Manager to create reports (comp book pages), uploading quantities to Trnsport, and finishing with creating a Summary of Quantities sheet.
Print Organizer (Workshop) by Jimmie Prow
Adobe PDF graphic link that opens PrintOrganizer.pdf (2,454 KB) Print Organizer

Winzip graphic link that opens PrintOrganizer.zip (21,800 KB) Print Organizer
2,454 KB

21,800 KB
Students will learn to configure and use MicroStation's Print Organizer. Configuration will include setting important preferences and creating Print Styles for use with Print Organizer.
Intro to Criteria Writing (workshop) by Denise Broom
Winzip graphic link that opens IntroToCriteriaWriting.zip (2, 197 KB) Intro to Criteria Writing 2,197 KB Need help getting some simple cross section features drawn? How about that sidewalk project that doesn't have road work? Join this introductory workshop to learn the BASICS to GEOPAK Criteria Writing.